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Alpha Omega Theta Christian Fraternity Inc.​

To truly tell the history of Alpha Omega Theta and Alpha Theta Omega,
you would have to date back years before the beginning of both organizations. 
There was a friendship that had been built between Founders Ailisha and Aileen
Vaughn, and Darnell Ivy.  The two sisters met Darnell Ivy during a youth concert
at their church Believer’s Temple, in which Mr. Ivy had to perform with his

musical group.

Some time had gone by and the friends kept in touch.  Ailisha and Aileen moved
to attend college at Middle Tennessee State University.  Due to the mandate that God placed on their lives, the sisters started their own sorority, Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority, Inc.  "THA BRUTHAS" soon there after followed.​​


Both organizations work together because they appeal to both men and women.  We are bonded through God’s five fold ministry:​


These are the qualifications of a Bishop according to the word of God.  The office of a Bishop is the highest calling and this is the mindset, as well as the way we would like to conduct ourselves as brothers and sisters.  We want to represent Christ at the highest level, we want to teach His Word as if it was Christ speaking before us, and we want to conduct our orientations as professional as possible.


As a way of symbolizing the five fold, we show this through our hand gestures. Both are put together to represent the Bible’s five fold ministry.  Alpha Omega Theta will be the supporters and protectors of the sorority.  They will humble themselves and give the sisters the ‘sisterly’ love they deserve.  Alpha Theta Omega will serve the same way for their brothers.  They should be the essential part of any endeavor that their brothers begin, and vice versa.  The bond that God has placed within these ministries is so important.​


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