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Alumnae Purpose:  The purpose of the alumnae program shall be to further the vision and mission of Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority, Incorporated, to strengthen the bond of eternal sisterhood, to advance the Kingdom of God through evangelistic ministry, to aid the development and stability of collegiate chapters, and to strengthen the overall involvement of Alpha Theta Omega with the community at large.

Level 2 Membership (Alumni)

Basic Standard Membership Minimum Requirements:

The candidate must be a Christian
The candidate's life must be one of purity and sanctification (Hebrews 12:15, II Peter 3:14).

  • The candidate's life must be of a good report (Acts 2:38).

  • The candidate must be submitted to a pastor and church home.

  • The candidate is required to be actively involved in a local church/ministry.

  • The candidate must be a graduate of an accredited college, university, or technical school and able to submit proof of Bachelors or Graduate degree certification.

  • The candidate seeking membership in Alpha Theta Omega will not be considered if a member of another sorority.  Alpha Theta Omega does not accept cross membership

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