• Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority, Inc.

    Warning Against Illegally Using ATO Intellectual Property

    As the public and members of Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. now, Alpha Theta Omega works diligently to protect its intellectual property - trademarks, service marks, and copyright, which includes all iterations of its name, the Greek letters for its name, and its logos and symbols (collectively "Marks"). Alpha Theta Omega's right to the exclusive use of its Marks is protected by federal and state law.

    While Alpha Theta Omega always attempts to resolve matters of infringement without resort to litigation, we will initiate lawsuits against  individuals and corporate infringers who refused to comply with Alpha Theta Omega demands that they stop using Alpha Theta Omega Marks illegally. 

  • Alpha Theta Omega will continue to police its Marks vigorously. While it remains open to informal resolution in appropriate cases, it will not hesitate to sue violators and will seek enhanced damages, including treble damages, where appropriate.  Members are encouraged to continue to patronize only licensed vendors and to report unlicensed vendors to Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority Inc. using the Unlicensed Vendors Report. To learn more about our licensed vendors, we ask that you review our Approved  National Vendor List.

  • Process for Obtaining More Information
    and Seeking a License

    To learn more about Alpha Theta Omega's licensing process, please refer to the Vendor Licensing section. For information, interested persons or entities may contact Kimberly Beasley, at: